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T2 Barlow Adapter

The T2 Barlow adapter is designed to allow you to fit either a 1.25” lens cell or Televue Powermate to the ADC while retaining T2 thread use for maximum strength and rigidity to the imaging train. Click for more information.

Pierro Astro products are designed to offer high performance and exceptional value. The are intended to improve the results you achieve from imaging or just make you life easier. Our range is always expanding with new products under development.

Our Products

Atmospheric Dispersion Corrector

This small device has revolutionised planetary imaging. It allows you to compensate for the dispersion caused by the atmosphere which lead to loss of detail in images and false colour. Click to learn more.

Pierro Astro ADC

EQTooth EQMod Interface

The EQTooth is a Bluetooth enabled interface for allowing your mount to communicate with the excellent EQMod software totally wirelessly. It does not even need batteries! Click for more details

The EQ-6 Evolution Mount

The Skywatcher EQ-6 has long been a favourite with astro imagers. It offers a good load capacity at an excellent price. However in comparison to high end EQ mounts it has higher periodic error that includes a high frequency oscillation. Enter the EVO-6 by Pierro Astro!

This is a mechanically reworked EQ-6 using high precision components which are then fitted with the utmost care. The mount is then carefully setup to offer extreme performance levels equal to vastly more expensive mounts.

Each EVO-6 mount includes a test report describing performance before and after modification. Click for more details.