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Pierro Astro Evolution Mount

Above is a periodic error trace of a standard EQ6 before modification. This result is typical displaying high error, in this case +/- 16 arc seconds, but more critically a high frequency oscillation which makes accurate compensation by an auto guider difficult.

The Pierro Astro Evolution Mount is a development of the popular Skywatcher EQ6 Equatorial Mount designed to offer exceptional tracking, GoTo and auto guiding performance from a low cost mount.

Each donor mount is subject to a periodic error test run over a 24 hour period to establish a reference. Following this the mount is stripped

1 - Complete disassembly of the RA and DEC axis

2 - Removal of the original grease, full cleaning, greasing of the moving parts

3 - Fine tuning of the backlashes and fine adjustment of the two axis

4 - Re-boring of the two crowns for complete removal of the unwanted friction on RA and DEC axis

5 - Replacement of all the ball-bearings on RA and DEC axis with high quality precision bearings

6 - Replacement of all the RA motor gears (3 gears) with high quality H7 French made selected and measured gears

7 - Replacement of all the axis plastic washers by high quality precision steel German made washers

8 - Fine tuning of the motor blocks, cleaning, honing and high precision positioning of the spur gears

9 - Fine tuning of the position of all moving elements for the highest quality periodic error

10 - Periodical error measurement before and after modification

11 - Fine check of the electronics and motors

12 - Fine check and tuning of the polar finder scope reticle

13 - Honing of the two worm gears and crowns on RA and DEC axis

14 - Replacement of the hand wheels and controllers by high quality Pierro-Astro’ versions

15 - Replacement of the altitude controls by high quality indexing controls from Pierro-Astro’

16 - Replacement of the bar counterweight bar and mount with larger and longer stainless version

17 - Replacement of the counterweights with 3 x 3kg stainless steel

18 - Replacement of saddle clamp with 200mm Losmandy made universal clamp

This extensive and carefully carried out modification results in a world class mount offering superb tracking performance which is also backlash free

This is a test of the same mount following modification. Periodic error is reduced to +/- 8 arc seconds (and has been as low as 5 with some mounts) and is now smooth. More importantly, the oscillation has been completely removed allowing easy and accurate control by an auto guider.

An ‘EVO 6’ shown above mounted to an EMC Mobile Pier system. This combination offers an ultra stable platform for imaging in the 25kg mount class