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Pierro Astro T2 Barlow Adapter

The Pierro Astro T2 barlow adapter is designed to complement the Pierro Astro ADC and be an all round problem solver.

It allows connection of 1.25” Televue Powermates directly when used with the ADC removing the need to use the standard 1.25” eyepiece clamp. This is useful as some models of Powermate increase magnification significantly with distance.

For instance using a 5x Powermate with its 1.25” clamp would require you to fit a T2 nosepiece to the front of the ADC. This when combined with the ADC’s own length of 30mm means the distance from the Powermates optics to the camera sensor is significant. This results in a magnification form the Powermate of 7-8x or even more! This is clearly unworkable. By removing the 1.25” clamp and mounting the Powermate directly to the ADC using this adapter, the distance from the Powermate optics can be controlled.

A further function of the barlow adapter is for use with 1.25” barlow lenses. These can be mounted inside the barlow adapter and is secured through the use of two small grub screws. These allows you to either connect the barlow adapter directly to your telescope via T2 or use 1.25” barlows which have specific back focus requirements.

For example the APM 2.7x Barlow is a flat field barlow which has an optimum back focus of 112mm. Having to use a traditional T2 Nosepiece with such a barlow may mean that the correct back focus cannot be achieved easily. The barlow adapter again solves this problem!

Examples above from left to right. T2 Barlow adapter with 1.25” Barlow cell inside. 5x Powermate attached directly. Powermate option covered by additional T2 extension tube. Powermate option mounted directly to a T2-2” telescope adapter.